What Is Accupressure? Seven Astonishing Health Benefits

Have you ever heard of acupressure? Maybe you have but would like to learn more about its potential for improving your health.

Even if you’ve never heard about this healing modality. By the end of this article, you will discover what is acupressure? and Seven Astonishing Health Benefits for your body.

Acupressure is an ancient alternative healing art, that was developed in Asia 5000 years ago. It focuses on key healing points, located along the surface of the skin.

By using the fingers to gradually apply pressure to these points. Your body’s self-healing ability is stimulated, thereby achieving your desired results.

Because of its amazing ability to boost your immune system, acupressure is ideal for self-treatment and preventative care.

Acupressure therapy is useful for balancing the body, maintaining good health, releasing muscular tension, and enabling a deep sense of relaxation.

Role Of The Meridians

MeridiansThe meridians are energy pathways within your body, that link to a particular organ or bodily system. Such as:

  • The Nervous System
  • The Reproductive system
  • The Endocrine system
  • The Respiratory System
  • The Digestive System
  • The Circulatory System
  • The Integumentary System(Skin)
  • The Urinary System
  • The Immune System
  • The Musculoskeletal System

These systems are fed by a constant supply of blood and energy. If your energy meridians become obstructed, then the systems they support are severely impacted.

Therefore acupressure repairs and maintains your energy meridians

Below are 7 astonishing health benefits of acupressure

Controls Diabetes

Diabetes AcupointAcupressure helps to control diabetes by balancing the parts of the body that have difficulty regulating blood sugar levels. Hormone reactions triggered by acupressure helps ensure the proper functioning of the spleen. Two key components that play a critical role in the management of diabetes.

The body system that’s targeted in your acupressure session would be the endocrine system.

Heals Varicose Veins

Varicose AcupointVaricose veins develop when there is an unstable flow of blood, through your veins. This causes certain veins to expand, as a result of a blockage.

Acupressure therapy provides a safe and natural way to treat varicose veins.

Excess weight and constipation are two factors that contribute to its development.

So, through regular exercise. Eating potassium and fiber-rich foods daily. Combined with acupressure, you’ll be able to heal varicose veins holistically.

Reduce Effects Of Chron’s Disease

Chron's Disease AcupointBy regularly activating the acupoints for Chron’s disease, you will experience gradual improvements in your quality of life.

Acupressure gives symptomatic relief to you. As it helps to increase hemoglobin levels and decrease inflammation in the digestive system.

Treats Fungal Infections

Most illnesses occur because of imbalances within the body. Especially skin-related issues like fungal infections.

Because of acupressure’s potential for restoring balance. It is an excellent way to aid the body to get rid of this issue.

Acupressure combined with herbal remedies makes it easier for the body to cleanse itself. Resulting in clearer skin.

Relieves Arthritis

Arthritis AcupointArthritis symptoms such as inflammation of joints, pain, and swelling, can be relieved through acupressure therapy.

Some arthritic conditions are more difficult to treat than others. For instance, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis respond quicker to the stimulus that rheumatoid arthritis.

However, by regularly applying acupressure, you will see major improvements in bone and joint health.

The body system associated with arthritis is the musculoskeletal system.

Reverse Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel AcupointCarpal Tunnel Syndrome can be very painful, limiting the type of activities that you can do. It stems from the pressure that is created on the median nerve in your arm. Which is responsible for carrying nerve impulses to the muscles of your forearm.

It may be caused by poor posture, diabetes, fractures or trauma to the wrist. With symptoms such as tingling or numbness of the fingers, and pain in the forearm or wrist.

Acupressure is great, as it prevents Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from becoming severe. It helps to mitigate and reverse the pain and tension of the median nerve. Proving to be a viable solution.

Improves Fertility

Fertility AcupointAcupressure therapy is extremely beneficial for improving fertility. It increases the energy and blood flow to the reproductive organs. And also stimulates the release of key hormones that ensure their proper functioning.

Acupressure helps to remove physical and emotional blockages, as well as toxins, that may be present.

So, incorporating acupressure in your fertility plans will help to improve your chances of conception.


Overall, acupressure is a great tool to have in your health care regimen. It’s very effective in treating the different systems of your body.

Acupressure can be done by yourself, providing you know what to do. You may be interested in learning more, and if you are that’s amazing. There are many available resources such as books or courses, from which you can learn how to use this ancient healing art.

You might even choose to seek the expertise of a trained practitioner of acupressure therapy.

Whatever avenue you choose, you will benefit in many ways from this alternative healing modality.

Never stop learning, much success in your journey towards health and well-being

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  1. I never realized acupressure had so many benefits.
    I’m a diabetic so anything that will help me with controlling it is something to learn about.
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    • Hey Bob, it’s a pleasure to help. Everyone’s body functions differently, so you may notice a difference quickly or it may be subtle. One thing to know is that natural solutions often take time, but through consistency you will gradually experience a difference. Acupressure coupled with a healthy diet and exercise can work wonders for you.


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