What Is A Crossroad In Life-Ace Your Divinity Test Today

Have you ever been stuck at a major crossroad in your life?

In this article, I’ll discuss what is a crossroad in life.

Not the actual crossroad, in case you were wondering.

I’m talking about the life altering moments we all encounter at some point in our lives.

That point where a decision has to be made on a specific path to follow.

And share insights on how you can overcome moments of doubt and indecision.

How to identify your crossroad/divinity test?

There comes a time in life, when we encounter life-altering situations/ circumstances that seem difficult to overcome.

What Is A Crossroad In Life-Crossroad

A crossroad/ divinity test can be recognized by the setbacks or seeming barriers and challenges that we face.  

Whenever we arrive at a crossroad in our lives, it presents us with a challenge that eventually tests what we’re made of.

It comes in a variety of scenarios and offers lessons for mental and spiritual growth.

For instance, a divinity test may take the following forms; a job loss, major career change, entrepreneurial pursuit, financial difficulties, among others.

I first heard about the divinity test after reading a book called “Be a Genie” by Maureen St. Germain.

After learning about the divinity test, I realized I had gone through quite a few test in my life.

Here are four steps you can take to pass your divinity test, and choose the best path at these critical junctions.

1.Believe in yourself, you have what it takes

What Is A Crossroad In Life-Self Belief

Belief in who you are, your talents, abilities, and characteristics is a necessary component to overcome any challenges that come your way.

Self-belief prepares us for the journey ahead and gives us the staying power when the going gets tough.

It is a statement to God/ the Universe that you are ready for the next chapter of your life.

Knowing that all is well, and that no matter what happens, you’ll get through.

2. Learn to connect with your higher self

Connecting with your higher self is one of the most beneficial things you can learn in life.

Practical mystic Maureen St. Germain has an amazing, and simple way to connect with the higher self.

It’s a simple process that connects you with an extension of who you are. That’s directly connected with the Universe.

Knowing how to connect with the higher self helps with decision making, and serves as your trusted guide.

What Is A Crossroad In Life-Lost

The higher self will help to navigate the terrain of life and pass any tests that come your way.

It can also assist you with verifying the intuitive leads/ synchronicities that occur when being tested are in harmony with your desires/dreams.

Click here if you’d like to learn Maureens way to connect with the higher self.

It’s a lengthy video, so you may fast forward to about 1hr 10mins and then return to the rest of the video.

3. Identify sychronicities and take action

You may notice that when you connect with my higher self,  You’ll experience many synchronicities.

Whenever you’re in harmony with your life’s purpose, the universe reveals clues that let you know you’re on the right path.

It’s important to follow up on the guidance you receive, and take action accordingly.

Each step you take reveals more insights about the path and takes you closer to your dreams. 

Therefore, take action each day. And eventually, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel, and achieve your goals.

4. Stay true to your vision

It’s imperitive to remain aligned with your vision.

What Is A Crossroad In Life-Vision

When you know what you desire, and recognize the synchronicities that support your decision.

Remain faithful, and know that everything is working together to bring about your highest good.

Regardless of any external occurences that may seem contradicting.

‘Easier said than done’ you might be thinking. However, by doing things like; affirmations, meditation, prayer, visualization.

You’ll strengthen your ability to stand firm in your resolve.


Through knowledge of the higher self, faith, and uplifting practices such as meditation.

What Is A Crossroad In Life-All Is Well

You can rest assured that you’ll make the highest and best choice.

whenever you come across difficult decisions and feel stuck at the crossroads of life.

The crossroad/ divinity test appears in our life to make us stronger on every level.

Therefore, take it one step at a time, and know that, it too shall pass.

10 thoughts on “What Is A Crossroad In Life-Ace Your Divinity Test Today”

  1. This is an interesting read. Typically we go about life without connecting to a vision or tapping into the guidance of a higher self. I do have to check out the video you recommend on doing this as I am not familiar with this practice. I found this article quite motivational. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi MomsieDearest, I’m very pleased that you found the article motivating. Tapping into the guidance of the higher self is very beneficial, and I’m sure you’ll learn many things from the video. Thanks for the encouragement.

      Blessings and Gratitude

  2. I have to be honest, I’ve never heard about Maureen St Germain.
    I’m also not aware of connecting with my higher self, at least not consciously. Yet I know I have had to chose countless times in my life with a crossroad ahead. Who knows, my path might have been entirely different, had I only once made a different choice On the other hand, who I am today is greatly a result of those choices, so I can’t be unsatisfied.
    I will, however watch the video you linked (a very long one) and put the book on my ever growing reading list to find out more.
    Thanks for bringing this information to my attention.

    • Hello Kerryanne, you’re welcome. It’s a pleasure to share this information with you. Maureen is a very great teacher and shares a lot of information on the higher self, and manifesting. They say our lives are a result of the choices we make. The higher self helps us to make the highest and best decision, especially when we get to a crossroad in life. I wish you the very best in all you do.

      Blessings and Gratitude

  3. This is something I’ve always struggled with – connecting qith my higher self to help me guide to the right decisions. I am highly grateful to have come across your website with this amazing tool. I will look into it further and keen to take the test.

    Many thanks for sharing

    • Hey Habib, you’re welcome. It’s a blessing to share. knowledge of the higher-self connection will definitely make decisions easier. I’m sure you’ll find the Maureen’s method quite helpful and easy to do. I wish you the very best on your journey.

      Blessings and Gratitude

  4. Lovely article. Staying aligned with my vision has always been a challenge because of constant distractions in life. I agree with you on the need for us to remain faithful and know that everything works together to bring about your highest good. I feel that consistency is also key.

    • Hi A ekeufaa, I’m happy that you find my article interesting. I totally agree with you on consistency. It’s definitely key to making progressive strides towards our desires. I wish you the very best and trust you will stay in alignment with your vision.

      Blessings and Gratitude

  5. I think I am at a crossroads in my life at the moment and can really relate to this article reminding me that I need to stay on track and continue to follow my dreams. It is difficult when you reach a crossroads in your life, especially if you were not expecting it and I think we all need a little help and motivation at those times. “Be a Genie” by Maureen St. Germain sounds very inspirational and will definitely check it out. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Hi Maddie, it’s an honour to be able to share this information with you. I’m glad you can relate to this article. Being at a crossroad in life can be quite overwhelming, and they often appear when you least expect it. I wish you the very best, and trust that you will be guided towards your highest good.

      Blessings and Gratitude


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