Moringa’s Nutritional Benefit-Amazing Contributions to Health

Moringa, scientifically known as ‘Moringa Oleifera’ has been proven to be one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet.

It is hailed as the miracle tree by many people around the world.

It is also known in many regions as the drumstick tree, the horseradish tree, and the ben oil tree.

Moringa's Nutritional Benefit-Morings Pods

In this article, I will discuss Moringa’s nutritional benefits and its amazing contributions to health, but firstly I will share a little about my journey with this miraculous tree.

I was first introduced to Moringa in 2010, and in 2011 I bought some seeds from the local market.

I took the seeds home and planted them in my backyard and it was only a matter of days before I could see the seedlings bursting through the earth.

Moringa is a very rapidly growing plant and It wasn’t long before the seedlings grew into tall trees.

I have witnessed its resilience, as only after a few months after planting, one of the trees was snapped by heavy winds from a hurricane.

Moringa's Nutritional Benefit-Moringa PlantI thought that was the end of it but to my amazement, it sprang right back into action. I placed the top half of the broken tree into the ground and it grew, so I was blessed with another tree.

Moringa can even withstand the harshest of conditions like severe drought because it thrives under pressure and prefers warmer climates.

It is a very versatile plant and can be grown in pots or out in the open and it does not require a lot of attention.

Over the years since discovering moringa, I have developed a gained deeper understanding of the way it works and I can attest to its amazing benefits for health.

Nutritional Profile

Moringa is very useful for supplying the body with its daily requirements of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

It is also a viable solution for preventing malnutrition, especially in small children, mostly in poverty-stricken countries.

Moringa's Nutritional Benefit-Breast FeedingIt is so amazing how versatile this tree is because it provides answers for a variety of nutritional deficiencies. It is shown that children who are deprived of breast milk soon become malnourished.

Due to moringa’s high content of phytosterols, the production of breast mild is enhanced in lactating mothers. Thereby empowering them to properly provide for their babies.

Every part of the moringa tree can be used, from the leave to the seeds, even the roots, branches, and stems. The nutritional profile of moringa is phenomenal and it is considered a superfood.

It can be taken in powdered form, in capsules, cooking the leaves in stews or soups.

You can even juice the freshly picked leaves, or ingest the seeds through chewing. Regardless of the way you choose to use it, your body will benefit greatly.

Improves Vision

Moringa's Nutritional Benefit-EyesightMoringa contains a very potent amount of antioxidants, which are very beneficial for improving eye health. It can also inhibit retinal dysfunction by stoping the dilation of vessels within the retina, thereby preventing the thickening of capillary walls.

This amazing tree is known to prevent and stop the growth of cataracts and glaucoma because it has a high concentration of beneficial compounds like lutein, zeaxanthin, and beta-carotene(vitamin A).

I have personally noticed that my eyesight became clearer and my eyes felt moister after a few days of taking moringa.

It’s truly amazing to see the difference after taking it. I usually take it in the powdered form, but sometimes I eat the leaves.

Stabilizes Blood Pressure

Medical Tools for Blood PressureAnother amazing quality about this plant is that by regularly using it you will notice that your blood pressure is consistent.

A close friend of mine who has suffered from high blood pressure for many years started consuming moringa powder after I introduced it to her.

One day she after returning from her quarterly visit to the doctor she told me that her blood pressure was normal and the doctor was very impressed.

She then said to me that she had stopped taking her medications about two weeks before going to her doctor’s appointment. All She did was take the moringa powder daily as a test of what she heard about it.

Moringa can stabilize our blood pressure because it contains vitamin C, which supports the normal functioning of the blood vessels; Potassium, which helps to neutralize the sodium within the body; Magnesium, zinc, and vitamin E, three compounds that help to relax the muscles in the blood vessel.

Lowers Blood Sugar

Blood Sugar MonitorDiabetes is very prevalent in our society, and it affects people of all ages.  One way to mitigate the chances of becoming diabetic or controlling the disease is by taking moringa.

Moringa plays a key role in lowering glucose levels within the blood because it increases insulin production within the pancreas.

Improves Joint and Bone Health

These days many people throughout the world are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease that causes severe inflammation of joints and often leaves people suffering for many years.

Moringa's Nutritional Benefit-Joint HealthMoringa has proven to be a great solution to this menacing disease. The anti-inflammatory properties of moringa soothe the pain away and after taking moringa consistently you will gradually notice a major decrease in pain if any at all.

The joints become more flexible and it is an awesome feeling, often leaving you wondering where the pain went.

I have noticed a major difference in the flexibility of my joints. Taking moringa, coupled with yoga, has helped to reverse early signs of carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrists.

Due to its high amounts of calcium, vitamin k, and magnesium, moringa can strengthen the musculoskeletal system. Strengthening our bones and enabling us to more quickly recover from breaks and fractures.

Immune Boosting

Having a strong immune system is important so that our body can protect itself from harmful diseases, viruses, and bacteria.

Moringa's Nutritional Benefit-Vitamins and MineralsThe wide array of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants found in moringa will help to bolster the immune system. The more consistently we use it the better off we will be and our quality of life will be greatly enhanced.

Increased Energy

Energetic ManOne of the many things I noticed after taking moringa is its incredible ability to provide a jolt of energy throughout the body.

I remember feeling tired one evening and I needed to get some work done before going to bed. So I took moringa and immediately afterward I was energized, it was eye-opening.

Due to moringa’s high iron and vitamin C content, the body is supplied with readily available energy.

This is especially beneficial for intense workout sessions, or even if you feel like you need an extra boost of energy to get you through the day.


Moringa is truly a gift to humanity so we should cherish it, knowing that we have a jewel that will support us in our journey towards health and wellness. Therefore we could try to incorporate it into your diet daily and experience the awesomeness of this miraculous tree.

You can learn how to make moringa powder from scratch or you can purchase moringa from health stores, or online from marketplaces like Amazon.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the content.  Please leave your comments, questions or suggestions below, as your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Have an awesome day.

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  1. It was great to happen on this article – I never knew that Moringa exists let alone that it has all these benefits. Will the capsules work as well as the natural product?

    • Hi Mariella, I’m glad you found the information in this article interesting. Yes, the capsules will work just as well. The capsules contain the moringa powder. Some people, it may be easier to consistently take moringa if it’s in capsules, because it bypasses the taste. If you want to add moringa to smoothies or other dishes, then the powdered form may be more suitable. I hope this is helpful to you.

      Blessings in Abundance

  2. Moringa looks like an amazing plant, being plant based it should be easily absorbed which is why it would give you that great energy boost from all it’s great nutrients. I had never heard of it so it would defiantly be worth trying. I like the fact that it is full of all the calcium for bone strength and 20 amino acids which would be good for mussels as well.

    • It’s truly an amazing plant, I’ve been taking it consistently for a while now. I feel energized whenever I take it. It’s been an amazing journey so far. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Thank you for the positive vibrations


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