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Did you know, that Live and Dare has an excellent course for dealing with anxiety?

The Calm and Free course at Live and Dare, is an absolute game-changer, for anyone seeking to overcome anxiety.

Anxiety can show up in your life in many ways, and it often disguises itself. Because of this, you may not be aware of the ways in which it’s affecting you.

Live and Dare-Mental PrisonIt often appears as procrastination, low energy levels, self-doubt, and lack of focus. You may not feel that you’re an anxious person, and perhaps feel that you’re a natural worrier, or attribute it to other reasons.

However, if left unchecked anxiety can affect you on many levels and prevent you from experiencing joy and fulfillment in your life.

In spite of seeming chaos, there’s still hope for overcoming anxiety. You see, meditation and other personal growth tools provide the keys to master your mind.

You’ve probably tried various forms of meditation techniques, like guided meditation, and transcendental meditation. There are many different types of meditation, and often, it can be overwhelming to find one that resonates with you.

Maybe you’ve never considered meditation as a way of treating anxiety.

An Overview of the Calm and Free meditation course

Live and Dare-Calm and Free bannerThe Calm and Free course is a mini-course, that’s guaranteed to help you overcome your challenges with anxiety.

The course includes three of the most effective methods for overcoming anxiety. Breathing techniques, a ROAR method, and deep mindset change, to help you live a more harmonious life.

The instructor has designed the course in such a way, that even if you have a busy schedule, you will still be able to incorporate the techniques into your daily life.

What is the Calm and Free course all about

Live and Dare-Meditation QuoteThe Calm and Free course is all about providing tools to help anyone overcome fear, reduce stress, and manage anger.

This course provides transformational tools to help us recognize the many ways in which anxiety shows up in our lives.

Anxiety has so many faces, and when we know how to address the underlying issues. We’re able to unhook from destructive patterns that have been deeply rooted for a long time.

Who is the Creator of Calm and Free course?

Live and Dare-Giovanni Dientsmann The creator/instructor of the Calm and Free course is Giovanni Dientsmann, an international author, meditation teacher, coach, and speaker.

He created this amazing platform for empowering others, which has grown to become the fifth most popular meditation blog.

Giovanni, is a certified meditation teacher, with the Meditation Association of Australia. In the category of “Personal Development Meditation”, and “Spiritual Meditation”.

Giovanni has taught thousands of people how to meditate. He has been featured top meditation coach, on, and top meditation writer on Quora.

He’s tried more than 70 different techniques and has been practicing meditation daily for the past 18 years.

Therefore you can rest assured that you’ll be in great hands.

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How does the Calm and Free course work?

Live and Dare-Meditation BenefitsThe course consists of simple and easy to follow short videos, that explain the main techniques for working with thoughts and emotions.

By implementing the techniques given, you will notice results within your first day of trying them. You will notice a difference in your level of mental clarity and emotional stability.

The instructor also provides pdf transcripts of the videos, for you to read. and inspiring quotes to support you on the journey. The instructor provides personal growth tools and mindful practices to tackle the complex nature of anxiety.

My Calm and Free course review

The instructor delivers the course in a very friendly and cheerful way, and the videos are concise and easy to follow.

I’ve learned valuable techniques from this course that I’ve used to free myself from negative emotions and thought patterns.

You can tell that the instructor has a genuine passion for helping people become the highest version of themselves. The level of thought and detail that went into creating this course is evident.

Live and Dare-Bold LionThe course will encourage you to live courageously, even in the face of adversities. Knowing that whatever happens,  everything will be ok.

One of the many things I appreciate about the course that it’s structured engagingly, and anyone can understand.

Calm and Free course Pros

  • Friendly and engaging- The instructor has a very calm and friendly approach, that makes you feel supported.
  • Outstanding quality-  The instructor has many years of experience in the field of meditation and simplistically distributes helpful information.
  • Short and Spicy- This is not a long-winded course, so it cuts straight to the point and provides a shortcut to stopping anxiety in its tracks.
  • Accessible online- It’s accessible from anywhere, and at any time convenient to you. Giving you the flexibility to learn in the comfort of your home.

Calm and Free course Cons

  • I don’t have anything to criticize about the course. However, I will say that action is required on your part, to experience transformation. You will also need to stay committed to your growth and be able to apply the lessons learned, whenever needed.


Knowing how to escape the waves of negative emotions and thought patterns, is very empowering.

The techniques taught in this course, will put you back into the driver’s seat, and give you the tools to recognize and gracefully exit unpleasant states of thought and emotion.

If you’ve enjoyed this review and would like to learn more. Then, I invite you to take a look at the Calm and Free course .

It’s an excellent platform for learning how to overcome anxiety.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the content.  Please leave your comments, questions or suggestions below.

Have an awesome day.

Calm and Free Course by Giovanni Dientsmann

$47 USD, but there is a limited time discount for $9

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  • Friendly and engaging
  • Outstanding quality
  • Short and Spicy
  • Accessible Online


  • Requires Action

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  1. Nice review! I’ve gotten into meditation recently in such a big way. It helps me remain grateful, calm, and yes…free! lol. I will definitely look into this course Mikhail!

    • Thank you very much John, for taking the time to read my review. Congrats to you for practicing meditation, and I hope you continue to benefit from it. It’s an awesome course. Blessings in abundance

  2. Wow! this is a great article. I had an anxiety attack once before, off cause I did not know what it was, till my Doctor told me. I know the feeling, it felt like I was having a heart attack! This is really scary. I had some medication back then, I’m still ok till today. I guess your lifestyle also plays a huge role in it. Thank you for sharing this great article. I wish you all the best for the future. Greetings.

    • Thank you very much Edith. I know the feeling you’re talking about. Anxiety attacks can be very scary, and our lifestyle does play a massive role in our well-being. I’m glad you’re in a much better space now though. I too wish you the very best in all you do. Blessings in abundance


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