Juicing vs Eating Vegetables- 5 Reasons To Start Juicing

In this post, I will discuss the importance of juicing vs eating vegetables and give you five reasons to start juicing.

VegetablesFor many people, eating is the primary way of obtaining nutrients from vegetables. Whether cooked in favorite dishes, steamed on their own, or eaten raw in salads.

There are many benefits to eating vegetables, such as; gaining essential vitamins and minerals, and providing a feeling of fullness. By eating we extract necessary fiber, which is important for proper bowel function, and the prevention of constipation.

Vegetables provide key nutrients necessary to maintain a healthy body, Including vegetables as part of a wholesome diet has proven to reduce the likelihood of chronic illnesses within the body.

Juicing Vegetables

Juicing is a very effective way to include valuable nutrients from vegetables into the body. I enjoy making a variety of juices and find the entire process fun.

I first started juicing in 2016 years ago after learning about the benefits of juicing from pioneers like Jay Kordich and also watching videos on youtube by Fully Raw Kristina.

Juicing has helped to transform my life and has given me a broader perspective on what’s achievable from juicing fresh vegetables.

I hope that you will make juicing an integral part of your journey towards health and well-being. Below are five reasons to start juicing.

1. Juicing is the best way to consume more vegetables

Leafy GreensMany of us find it challenging to eat enough vegetables daily. Therefore juicing enables us to get the required amounts by liquifying the vegetables. So that we can consume amounts that would be difficult to eat.

2. Juicing is the quickest way to get nutrients into the body

By juicing vegetables, vital nutrients are released from the fiber of the plant, in the form of fresh juice. Since chewing is not required, the digestive system easily absorbs the nutrients. Nourishing the cells of the body more quickly.

3. Juicing preserves heat-sensitive nutrients

Juicing preserves the micronutrients in vegetables, that would otherwise be lost through exposure to excess heat from cooking. Cooking vegetables changes the chemical structure of the micronutrients. Therefore it’s best to juice raw vegetables, as it will be more beneficial to the body.

4. Juicing alkalizes the body

Alkaline rich foods like vegetables help to stabilize the body and bring it into balance. When the body is acidic it becomes breeding ground for all kinds of ailments. Juicing vegetables is one of the best ways to replenish the body’s alkaline nature.

5. Juicing reverses signs of aging

Elderly Woman Holding FruitAntioxidants found in vegetables help to neutralize free radicals and prevent them from causing damage to the body.

By juicing vegetables we provide the body with valuable nutrients that help to reverse signs of aging like; macular degeneration, dull and dry skin, and stiff joints.


Investing in a great performing juicer was one of the best things I did for my health. While it is important to eat vegetables, I saw even more benefits from juicing them. Juicing works wonders for the body and it can help you stay youthful for longer.

There are many different juicers that you can use to make fresh vegetable and fruit juices. Like fast centrifugal force juicers, slow masticating juicers and twin gear juicers.

If you already own a juicer, then you’re one step closer to realizing the results of juicing on a regular basis. If you don’t own a juicer, you can check out my review of the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer B6000s.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the content. Please leave your comments, questions or suggestions below, as your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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