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Irish Sea Moss Benefits-Ultimate Aquatic Superfood

In this article, I’ll share with you some Irish sea moss benefits.

Did you know that sea moss contains 92 out of 102 minerals that the body needs to maintain optimum health?

An elderly lady once told me that two of her children, when they were babies, rejected baby formula. She said they only accepted breast milk, and sea moss, which she made into a porridge and fed them.

This reveals the versatility of sea moss and how beneficial it has been for many people throughout the years.

What is sea moss?

Other Names: Irish moss, Carrageen moss, Chondrus crispus.

Irish Sea Moss Benefits- Sea Moss

Parts Used: The entire plant.

Actions: Demulcent, Mucilaginous, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, laxative, expectorant.

Origin: Atlantic coastal regions, Caribbean Coastal regions

Description: Sea moss is a type of algae that grows on rocky areas along the coast and also along the seafloor. 

It is a mucilaginous plant that is very rich in iodine and sulfur, and it has a fan-like structure. With colors ranging from white, greenish-yellow, red, through to dark purple.

Did you know that sea moss is classified as a superfood? It’s classified as a superfood because of its rich nutritional profile.

Sea moss contains 92 out of 102 minerals that the body needs to stay healthy.

Minerals like calcium, zinc, iodine, copper, magnesium, and selenium. Making it an excellent nutritional supplement.

In its natural environment, sea moss is expansive. However, when removed from the ocean/sea, it begins to shrink after some time as it gets dry. Then once it is immersed in water it expands and returns to its original state.

One of the things you’ll notice is its distinct smell of the ocean/sea.

How is it used?

Sea moss is used in many industries as a source of carrageenan. A natural substance from the plant, which is used as a thickening and stabilizing agent in milk-based products, and processed foods. It’s also used as a fining agent in beer or wine.

Irish Sea Moss Benefits- Sea Moss Smoothie
Sea Moss Smoothie

In Ireland and Scotland, it is boiled in milk, strained, and flavored. In some Caribbean countries like Jamaica, it is believed to be an aphrodisiac, and it is prepared as an invigorating smoothie beverage.  

There’s even sea moss powders and capsules available on the market if you’re looking for a quick and simple way to supplement your diet.

Health benefits

Some of the health benefits of consuming/ using sea moss include;

Promotes healthy digestion: Because of its mucilaginous(slippery) consistency, sea moss is beneficial for soothing inflamed mucous membranes, gastric ulcers,  and intestinal issues. It’s also excellent for removing toxins from the gut and providing relief from constipation.

Nourishes the skin: Did you know that sea moss gel could be applied topically? Yes, it’s true, sea moss gel can be applied directly to the skin, as a way of hydrating the skin. At the same time, it’s useful for absorbing excess oil from the skin, thereby preventing acne breakouts.

Irish Sea Moss Benefits- Respiratory Health

Improves respiratory health: Respiratory health is greatly improved through the use of sea moss. Its demulcent and expectorant qualities help to remove excess mucous from the lungs.

 It also relieves congestion within the nasal passage, and it’s helpful for getting rid of coughs and sore throat.

This dynamic plant also has anti-inflammatory properties that have proven effective in treating bronchitis and pneumonia.

Maintains thyroid function: The thyroid gland is responsible for regulating metabolism, brain development, and it controls the heart rate.

Iodine is a very important mineral needed to maintain proper thyroid function. Iodine seems to be quite scarce in many of the foods we eat.

Therefore, one of the best ways to supplement the body with iodine is to start taking sea moss, as it’s very rich in iodine.

Enhances reproductive health: Another great benefit of sea moss is its ability to support reproductive activity, and boost libido.

This is made possible by the abundance of zinc found in sea moss, which plays an important role in fertility. As it helps men maintain healthy sperm count, and healthy ovulation in women.

Final thoughts

Irish Sea Moss Benefits- Dried Sea Moss

Sea moss is an aquatic plant that is recognized as a superfood, because of its rich nutritional profile.

It’s used for skincare, as a thickening agent for various foods, and it’s believed to be an aphrodisiac in some cultures.

It can also be consumed in the form of capsules, as a powder or gel added to soups and smoothies.

There are many benefits to be gained from including sea moss as part of your diet and skincare routine, and it’s an added bonus if you know how to make your own sea moss gel.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the content.  Please leave your comments, questions or suggestions below, as your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Have an awesome day.


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10 thoughts on “Irish Sea Moss Benefits-Ultimate Aquatic Superfood”

  1. I’ve been taking sea moss in capsule form for several months, but I didn’t know that it could be applied topically! That makes sense. I’m always looking for ways to boost my personal skin care regimen, and I don’t use anything other than natural products, so this is an exciting surprise find! I’m going to look into this asap.

    Thank you for a super informative article that gives sea moss its proper due. Everyone should know about this incredible plant and its wealth of benefits!

    • You’re welcome, Kris. It’s a blessing to be able to share this information with you. They say the more we live the more we learn. I’m happy you enjoyed the article. I totally agree, sea moss is incredible and everyone should know about it. Thank you for commenting.

      Blessings and Gratitude

  2. Wow,
    I am impressed with all the health benefits from Irish Sea Moss, and this is the first time I have heard about this superfood. I wonder how this would be for people with autoimmune diseases, I just feel it has so many health benefits it might be something that will help the immune system for these people


    • Hi Jeff, thank you for commenting. I’m grateful that you’re impressed with the article. Because sea moss is so nutrient dense, and containing lots of beneficial minerals it will be great for anyone. There are minerals like Iron, Magnesium, Selenium, and others, which are very helpful for those with autoimmune diseases. Sea moss is definitely worth trying.

      Blessings and Gratitude

  3. Thanks for the interesting article. I’m glad I found your site. It’s a subject that I am interested in so I am sure that I will find a lot of helpful information here.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I heard about Irish sea moss before from my brother, but I forgot how healthy this stuff was. Just when I read this quote” Sea moss contains 92 out of the 102 minerals that the body needs to stay healthy” that’s got me very interested, need to start using these asap. I myself use a lot of black seed oil. Thanks for the info!

    • Hi Manne, you’re welcome. It’s a blessing to be able to share, and it’s great that you’ll start using sea moss. Black seed oil is very powerful, and great for a wide spectrum of things, like hair growth etc. Thank you for commenting.

      Blessings and Gratitude

  5. Hi Mikhail,

    Really interesting article, as I have never heard of Irish Sea moss! I definitely want to try due to the many benefits. Are there any contraindications to using Irish Sea moss?

    • Hi Fernanda, I give thanks that you’re interested in trying sea moss. There are some possible side effects of using sea moss. Like itchy or irritated skin, and nausea. I will include more details in the article. Thank you for asking this question, I appreciate your comment.

      Blessings and Gratitude


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