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Inspirational Words of Encouragement-For Upliftment

At some point in our lives, we all need inspirational words of encouragement, to uplift us in times of difficulty.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to maintain your composure and keep negative thoughts and feelings at bay?

Inspirational Words of Encouragement-Inspiration

It’s my desire to inspire you to keep moving and know that everything will be alright.

Here are some useful ways in which you can elevate your self, and create a steady momentum that will transform into positive habits.

Observe your thoughts and actions

There are times we go throughout our days on autopilot, rarely taking the time to pause and observe.

Being lost in thoughts and mentally absent from the activities we engage in seems to be the norm for many people.

Inspirational Words of Encouragement-Conscious Thinking

However, our highest potential springs forth when we are more aware of the present moment.

One sure way to become more present throughout the day is by conscious breathing. I’d say that every conscious breath prevents five unconscious thoughts. 

The struggle with unproductive habits is very real, and if you yield to them, you can end up feeling defeated at the end of the day.

Think positively in all situations

You have within you, the power to bring dreams to reality. Don’t focus on what’s without. Instead, pay attention to what’s within. Think about the things you desire, and it will become your reality. 

Inspirational Words of Encouragement-Think Positively

Because the outer world will inevitably mirror the inner world. The determination to ignore the outer circumstances, and focus on the world within, cultivates faith and helps to bring about our desired circumstances.

Engage in uplifting activities

Engaging in uplifting activities like exercise, yoga, meditation, praying, saying affirmations, are very beneficial for our vibrational frequency.

You may even find joy in doing things your passionate about. Like creating stunning works of art, or starting an online business that offers or promotes innovative products and services. 

Regardless of what you do, as long as it’s uplifting. There exists the potential to experience states of bliss and empowerment.  

Learn the art of letting go

One of the most important things to learn in life is the art of letting go. We often try to control the outcome of every situation in our lives. 

Inspirational Words of Encouragement-Surrender

Having set dates, and allotted time frames for when things should unfold. While it is important to have goals and time frames, it’s also very important to surrender and allow things to manifest in their own time.

Because when things don’t go according to our plans, we tend to get frustrated and feel defeated.

Hope is on the horizon

There may be days when you feel like there’s no hope in sight. You may be struggling to establish your dreams in this physical reality. Whatever the challenge you face, I’m here to encourage you to keep going.

Inspirational Words of Encouragement-Sunshine Through the Clouds

In order to realize those dreams, you have to grow and become that successful person.

The sun always shines forth after the dark clouds go away, so never give in to feelings of despair. Rise above, and take it in strides. Just remember that small steps still count.


Life is a game if you really think about it, and discipline is a critical component if we are to progress through the various levels.

We must become masters of our minds and emotions, and think positively in all situations.

When we participate in uplifting activities, we raise our frequency, and our desires manifest when least expected.

Through the art of letting go we will eventually see hope on the horizon.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the content.  Please leave your comments, questions, or suggestions below.

Have an awesome day.

12 thoughts on “Inspirational Words of Encouragement-For Upliftment”

  1. My favorite part was “every conscious breath prevents five unconscious thoughts. ” I will make this my new mantra !!

  2. Interesting article have bookmarked this for the future reference, maybe because I have quite an interest in this topic. Thanks for sharing
    Jason 🙂

    • Hey Jason,

      Thank you for your support, I’m grateful that you find the article interesting. I will continue to put out uplifting and insightful content. Have a blessed day, oneness.

      Blessings in abundance

  3. Hi Mikhail!
    Thank you for sharing this valuable content with us, particularly in the times when the current crisis has been taking a toll on our mental health.

    • Hello Harshith, you’re welcome. it’s been a pleasure to share uplifting content. No man is an island, so its a blessing to be able to contribute in a meaningful way. Stay safe and blessings to you.

  4. Dear Mikhail
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website. It is amazing that you show people where to start and what steps to take towards their healthy living and positive mindset. I hope more people will know about your website and follow your guidance.
    Kind regards,

    • Hi Andrey,

      Thank you so much for the support, and positive vibrations. I really appreciate your words of kindness, it’s inspiring and motivates me to keep moving forward. I wish you the very best in all you do.

      Blessings in abundance

  5. Hi Mikhail

    I enjoyed reading your article. You are correct in saying that we should think positively in all situations. It is not easy, but being negative is not going to help us. Instead, it will drag us down, as well as others around us, if they are not strong.

    Letting go is another habit that we need to cultivate. Sometimes, it is so easy for us to forget the good things that happen to us. Our memory tends to be short when it comes to holding on to good memories, but a bad memory will come flooding back.

    So, we definitely have to learn and practice to let go, especially of the things that are holding us back.

    Thank you for your words of encouragement

    • Hi Jackie,

      It’s truly an honour to share this encouraging message with you. I totally agree with you, it’s very easy to hold on to negative or painful thoughts and memories. However, once we learn to let go, things begin to fall in place and work themselves out.
      We have to pick ourselves up and keep moving onward and upward. Have a lovely day, and stay safe.

      Blessings in abundance

  6. Your content speaks to my soul. I have recently been practicing letting go of resistance. It has done wonders for me.
    I really like your advice on focusing on your breathing to control thought.
    That is great advice.
    Keep up the good work🤗

    Peace and gratitude,

    • Hi Greg, thank you so much for your positive vibrations. I’m really grateful that my content resonates with you, and has impacted you on a deep level. Breathing is such a powerful way to stay grounded in the present moment. I wish you the very best, and I will continue to uplift and encourage.

      Eternal Bliss


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