How To Stay Positive In 2020- And Beyond, In 9 Ways

Hello everyone, and welcome to my article, in which I’ll share with you how to stay positive in 2020, and beyond in 9 ways.

With the current events taking place in the world, many people are wondering how they can remain hopeful for the future and take seize the present moment to live a meaningful life, amidst the chaos.

How To Stay Positive In 2020-Hope

There’s definitely hope for us all, and as long as you’re willing to take action, and have faith.

One thing I’ve learned in life, and that is worry never solves anything.

Without further ado here are the ways that you can uplift yourself.

1. Proper diet and nutrition

It’s important that we take care of our health as best we can. One of the ways to do this is through proper diet and nutrition. 

How To Stay Positive In 2020-Fruits and Vegetables

By eating more wholesome foods, like fruits and vegetables, we’re able to receive an abundance of vital nutrients that help to strengthen our body. Fresh fruits and vegetables clean and build the body, and prevent any imbalances from happening.

Juicing is an excellent way to release the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables so that they are more easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

Other important food groups should also be included in our diet, like pulses, grains, legumes/beans, and nuts.  

How To Stay Positive In 2020-Drink Water

We should also drink enough water in order to stay hydrated, flush our system, and oxygenate the body. Drinking water is one of the ways to detoxify our bodies.

Another great way to detoxify and fortify our bodies is to integrate medicinal plants/herbs in our daily lives. Herbs have so many healing benefits and add to the quality of our lives.

2. Staying in shape

There are so many benefits to be gained from staying in shape. We become more vibrant and youthful, more flexible and enduring. Our quality of life and lifespan also improves and increases.

How To Stay Positive In 2020-Running

Regardless of the exercise you choose to do, taking action and staying physically active keeps the cardiovascular system running like a well-tuned engine.

You don’t have to commit to long workout sessions, it can be short, intense bursts. Short workout sessions have been scientifically proven to be more effective.

How To Stay Positive In 2020-Yoga

My favorite way to stay in shape is by practicing yoga. Yoga is transformational, physically, mentally and spiritually. On the physical level, it helps to increase flexibility, tone the muscles, and also the organs of the body. 

Yoga also clears any blockages in the body, and oxygenate the blood.

3. Meditation

Meditation allows us to relax, clear the mind, and energize our body with life force energy.

It helps us to overcome anxiety and stress. We also become more bold and courageous, as we learn to face the things we fear. 

How To Stay Positive In 2020-Meditation

Whenever you meditate, you’ll notice more space between thoughts. As a result, being more aware of the present moment, and less reactive to things that would normally irritate or cause upset.

Meditation also offers an excellent way to grow, and awaken spiritually.

4. Prayer

Prayer helps us to connect with the Almighty, the source of all creation. Did you know that prayer increases self-control, and reduces unhealthy behavior?

How To Stay Positive In 2020-Prayer

Prayer is also a way to offer thanksgiving to God for all that we have in life. Through prayer, we also amplify our vibration and is also a great way to seek protection from unwanted elements and occurrences in life.

Our relationships are also improved when we pray, as they say, the family that prays together stays together.

5. Chanting and devotional songs

Similar to prayer, chanting and devotional songs offer us a chance to connect to God. Through sacred sounds that refines our personal frequency, and removes energetic blocks. 

Mantras like the Mahamantra, So Ham(pronounced hum), Om Namaha Shivya, Om Mani Padme hum, help to quiet the racing mind.

You can even make your own mantra, using a word or sentence that resonates with you.

6. Being Grateful

Gratitude for what we already have is one of the best ways to keep our vibrations high and attract more pleasant/harmonious circumstances into our lives.

How To Stay Positive In 2020-Gratitude

Gratitude helps with many areas of our lives and strengthens interpersonal relationships.

It improves psychological and physical health and increases happiness. 

Being grateful significantly improves emotional stamina and increases our ability to quickly recover from any setbacks we encounter along life’s journey.

Through gratitude, we’re able to see the bigger picture and count our many blessings

7. Uplifting affirmations

Uplifting affirmations are an invaluable tool that enables us to overcome self-limiting beliefs. 

How To Stay Positive In 2020-Affirmations

One of the reasons why affirmations are so effective is because it penetrates the subconscious mind, and gradually reprograms our thinking when done used consistently.

Thereby releasing old patterns that hinder growth.

Affirmations help us to become more focused on our goals and remind us of our true potential. 

8. Visualization

The mind extremely powerful, and many times throughout each day we may imagine all sorts of things. Depending on our level of consciousness, they are mostly counterproductive. 

How To Stay Positive In 2020-Imagination

We often think about the things we don’t want to happen in our lives. However, once we learn how to use our imaginations properly, we can create the most pleasant, scenarios that you would like to experience.

Visualization is a very useful tool for success, and it can help us to achieve any goal in life. 

9. Become self-reliant

Self-reliance is the ability to rely on our own efforts and abilities, to achieve/create the things we desire in life.

This is not to say we should all be lonely in the world, or selfish, because no man is an island.

How To Stay Positive In 2020-Growing Food

However, to be self-reliant is to continue learning and growing. So that we can stand firmly on our own, while also being interdependent at the same time.

With all that’s happening in the world in this day and age. It’s imperative that we learn how to do things like growing our own food, learning about permaculture, beekeeping, creating our own energy sources. Living sustainably within nature

It’s also beneficial to have a business that can be operated from anywhere. With the technology that’s available to us, it’s relatively simple to create an online business. 

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By including these tools in your daily life, you’ll be able to overcome any challenging situation that may come your way.

Despite the current state of the world, there is still hope for us all.

Knowledge is power, and by keeping your vibrations high, you help to increase the frequency of the planet.

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4 thoughts on “How To Stay Positive In 2020- And Beyond, In 9 Ways”

  1. Positive people are resilient, strong and radiate good vibrations. It’s always pleasant to be with them. They can raise your soul and encourage you to become a better person. The key to success and happiness lies is love for ourselves and others, so we will be happy and happy with what life gives us. ❤

    • This is true Alisa, We’ve got to be positive at this time. With love and positive vibrations, we can impact others and creates a subtle ripple effect. There is hope in the midst of all this chaos. Thank you Alisa, and I wish you the very best.

  2. Interesting article regarding how to stay positive in 2020. I agree that health is a major factor in one s focus and being positive when thinking about the future out come. With everything going on in the world today it is hard for people to be positive and not live with fear today. This pandemic has definitely changed the world as fare as we know it. I keep reading articles related to the pandemic or how to stay motivated and happy going forward. Way to be positive and wanting to share some knowledge to help others see through all of this.  

    • Thank you very much, Paul. I agree this pandemic has changed the world, the economic landscape, and has put many people in a state of fear. There’s so much negativity going around, so just want to give hope to others at this time. Blessings in abundance to you, and I wish the best for you and your family.


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