How To Make Sea Moss Gel- In Three Simple Steps

Would you like to learn how to make sea moss gel in three simple steps?

Sea moss gel is very beneficial for the body, and its a quick and simple way to add essential minerals to your favorite recipes. You can even use it as part of your skincare routine.

How To Make Sea Moss Gel-Dried Sea Moss
Dried Sea Moss

The process of making sea moss gel isn’t difficult at all. Here are three steps you can take to make your very own sea moss gel, and in the process add a valuable skill to your survival toolkit.

Whether using cut and sifted sea moss, or whole sea moss, this process remains the same.

1. Cleaning

The first step in the process of making your own sea moss gel is cleaning.

How To Make Sea Moss Gel-Cleaning Sea Moss

After you’ve obtained your sea moss, whether online or from the store. You then need a container with water, and a lime or lemon to help clean it up.

Once you have your apparatus ready, just take a handful of the sea moss, and quickly rinse it under the tap.

You then place it into the container with water and squeeze half of the lime or lemon over it. Try to separate the sea moss as best as you can, and remove any sand particles, old bits of moss, or sea debris as you go along.

How To Make Sea Moss Gel- Fully Cleaned

This step is very important, so please take your time, and enjoy the process as you explore this aquatic superfood.

Something to note about sea moss is its ability to expand. In its dried state, it’s compacted and looks small. However, once it gets in contact with water, it will expand up to 3 or 4 times its size.

I remember my first time making sea moss, I wasn’t as thorough with this step, and some particles of sand got into the gel, and when I used it to make a smoothie, I ended up chewing on sand. 

2. Soaking

How To Make Sea Moss Gel- Soaking

After cleaning the sea moss, you then soak it in water, preferably overnight.

By soaking it overnight, you allow the sea moss to fully expand and soften. This makes the sea moss easier to blend and yields more gel. 

Once the Sea moss is fully soaked, you will see a dramatic difference in its size, and also, its color tends to become more translucent

3. Blending

This stage in the process is where the rubber meets the road, and your once dry and wispy sea moss, transform into a gel.

How To Make Sea Moss Gel- Blending

Before blending the sea moss, give it a thorough rinse, and then place it into the blender and add enough water to barely cover it. This ensures that the gel comes out nice and thick.

Once you begin blending the sea moss, you’ll notice that it jumps around in the blender, but after a while, as it becomes more liquified it transitions to a steady swirl.

When finished, you’ll notice that the sea moss has a thick, and smooth consistency, and it will become even thicker when it’s refrigerated.

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Storing and refrigeration

How To Make Sea Moss Gel- Finished Product
Sea Moss Gel

After the gel is made, you can then pour it into a jar or other container, and keep it in the refrigerator. This makes it ideal and readily available for you, whenever you decide to include it into your favorite recipes.

It’s best to use sea moss gel within three weeks of making it, to prevents spoilage, and to receive maximum benefit from the nutrients.


Making sea moss gel is a really fun way to use the sea moss plant. This wonderful gift of nature has many benefits for the body, and it’s a powerful superfood.

This is a simple three-step process that anyone can use to make their own sea moss gel from scratch.

All that’s required is a little patience and you’re well on your way.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the content.  Please leave your comments, questions, or suggestions below.

Have an awesome day.

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  1. Ah I have never heard of sea moss gel. I love anything that’s good for you. Thank you for this super easy and simple recipe. I would like to hear more about what the benefits of sea moss is. To blend it into a smoothie is great. Does it taste like anything?


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