How To Make Moringa Powder- 4 Simple Steps

Wouldn’t it be nice to learn how to make moringa powder in four simple steps?

If this sounds like something you’re interested in learning, then join me, by following the instructions to achieve this.

Please note that the moringa tree is mostly found in warmer climates, and may not grow in your county if it is too cold.  That said, it is possible to grow it indoors in containers, and harvest the leaves. As long as you can keep indoor temperatures at a level where the plant can survive.

Step 1. Sourcing The Leaves

The first step of the process is to source the leaves from the moringa tree. If you have a moringa tree in your yard, or in pots, then that’s half the battle won.

However, if not, then you will need to go searching. Sometimes moringa trees can be found close-by depending on where you’re from. If you can identify the tree, then it is much easier to locate it in the wider environment.

Also, moringa trees are sometimes used by people to add aesthetic beauty to their landscapes. This could either be commercial or residential.

You may even know someone that has an idea of where moringa trees can be found. So, you can make use of your connections to locate this miraculous tree.

Step 2. Harvesting The Leaves

Moringa TreeOnce located, you can begin harvesting the leaves. But before you begin, just remember to treat the natural world with respect.

Since the leaves are quite small, you will find it much easier and less time consuming to break the small branches they’re connected to.

Try not to harvest leaves that have started to go yellow, as this indicates a nutrient loss.

It’s best to gather as many leaves as you can because when the leaves are dried and blended, the powder yielded will be smaller in comparison to the number of leaves. At first, it may seem that the leaves are plenty, but once they become dried they shrink in size.

For example, a 13-gallon trash bag of moringa leaves could yield about a pound of powder or slightly more.

When satisfied that you have enough leaves, you can move onto the next stage which is the drying stage.

Step 3. Drying The leaves

Moringa On TraysTo dry the moringa you can put the moringa leaves onto trays. These can be regular serving trays that you may have in your kitchen.

Ensure that the leaves are evenly distributed on the trays, as this will allow air to pass through the leaves and aid in the drying process.

After spreading the leaves on the tray, you can leave them to dry in your kitchen or any part of your home that is clean and convenient to the process. To preserve the nutrients in the leaves, it is important to keep the leaves away from direct sunlight.

For best results, keep turning the leaves at least twice daily. To prevent the growth of mold. Once the leaves begin to dry, you won’t have to turn as much. I’ve noticed that because the leaves are so small, they tend to compact together. If left for long periods then, mold will begin growing.

It should take between seven to ten days for the leaves to become fully dry.

Step 4. Blending The Leaves

Whenever the leaves are fully dried, they will naturally separate from the small branches. And if some are still attached to their branch, you can simply pick them off.

After separating the small twigs and branches from the leaves. You then put the dried leaves into the blender and blend the leaves until it turns to powder.Moringa Leaf Powder

You can use whatever brand of blender you choose. For me, I prefer using the magic bullet, because it comes with specific blades for dry blending.

Once you’ve made the powder, you can store it into an airtight container to preserve the freshness.


Maybe there are other ways to make moringa powder, and you’re free to experiment and discover what works for you.

However, this is the method that I’ve used and it is relatively simple and easy to implement.

It is a fun experience, and I hope that you’ll be able to make your very own moringa powder using these four simple steps.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the content.  Please leave your comments, questions or suggestions below, as your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Have an awesome day.

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