Crystal Bliss Book-Review of An Amazing Guide

Hello everyone, and welcome to this review of the Crystal Bliss book. An amazing guide to understanding crystals, and using them to attract love, feed your spirit, and manifest your dreams.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to to shift or improve any situation you encounter in life?

Crystal Bliss Book-Success

Have you ever wondered why the things you desire seem so distant and not easily attained?

You see, sometimes we have blockages in our energy centers/chakras. This, in turn, affects our ability to resonate at a similar frequency to the things we desire in life. Whether it be love, finances, optimal health, and success.

While you are capable of achieving these desires without crystals. Having, and understanding them, will make the journey a smoother one. 

An overview of Crystal Bliss

Crystal Bliss Book-Hardcopy

This book is a really marvelous guide for finding your purpose and happiness in life. It will help you to unlock the power that lies within crystals.

It was written by Devi Brown, an American radio and tv personality. She’s also the founder of Karma Bliss, a lifestyle and retail brand.

It begins with the author sharing how she began her journey with crystals, and how she realized her calling for teaching others how they can benefit from crystals.

The book is broken down into three parts to help you get familiar with crystals, learn about their specific uses, and provide information on how you can further your journey with them.

What is Crystal Bliss about?

This book is about using crystals to manifest your dreams, feed your spirit, and attract love.

Crystal Bliss Book-Crystal Healing

It teaches how you can harness the power of crystals to transform your life, by giving you an understanding of their energetic qualities so that you can use them to overcome any challenging situation and attract more favorable results and conditions.

Who is Crystal Bliss for?

Crystal bliss is for anyone, from the absolute beginner to those already familiar with crystals. 

The way the author presents the information, you’ll definitely learn something new, even if you’re highly experienced.

If you want to learn about crystals and how they can impact your life, then this book is for you.

How does Crystal Bliss work?

This book is well structured and is broken down into three parts. The first part gives a brief background of crystals and explains why we are drawn to them.

Crystal Bliss Book- Multicolored Crystals

The book then shares the various uses of crystals and provides instructions on how to cleanse, activate, and recharge your crystals.

In the second section, the author groups crystals according to their specific uses, so that you can easily find solutions for any situations/occasions you may face

The author provides a list of other tools to complement your crystal journey. Detailed instructions about crystal essences and elixirs are also provided.

 Lastly, the book explains the relationship and effects that crystals have on the chakras of your body. It also highlights the crystals that resonate with each chakra.

My Crystal Bliss review

This book is a very wonderful guide, and it has helped me to get a clear understanding of crystals and their uses. 

Before purchasing this book, I was always interested in crystals and even had a few of my own. Some of which, I’ve received as gifts. However, I had no idea of how their specific characteristics or how to use them.

Crystal Bliss Book-Fun Reading

Some of the many reasons I love this book is because it’s easy and engaging to read. The material is upbeat and well explained. The author makes the topic of crystals very exciting and takes you on an adventure with her knowledge of crystals.

I particularly love the fact that she provides mantras for each crystal, and outlines the benefits each crystal has on associated chakras.

There’s also detailed instruction on how to cleanse, activate, and recharge crystals.

Overall, it’s a brilliant book, and I’ve learned so much from it.

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Crystal Bliss Benefits

  • It’s easy to follow, and also fun and engaging
  • It is visually appealing and nicely illustrated
  • Provides detailed instructions on how to cleanse, activate, and recharge crystals, so that they can assist you in realizing your desired outcome.
  • The book provides instructions on how you can use crystals to bring your chakras into alignment and indicates which crystals resonate with the different chakras.


Crystals have the potential to positively impact your life. These wonderful resources provided by nature can help you to shift into a higher frequency, and attract love, prosperity, and bliss into your life.

This book will help you to understand the unique characteristics of crystals, and how they interact with your energy centers/chakras. 

Through this awareness, you’ll have greater control of your personal frequency, and the circumstances you attract into your life.

If you’re interested in learning more about crystals, click here to get your copy of Crystal Bliss. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the content.  Please leave your comments, questions or suggestions below.

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4 thoughts on “Crystal Bliss Book-Review of An Amazing Guide”

  1. I must confess that this is a wonderful article on crystals and It never occurred to me that crystals are this helpful and useful in this aspect. 

    Just  like you said,Crystals have the potential to positively impact your life. These wonderful resources provided by nature can help you to shift into a higher frequency, and attract love, prosperity, and bliss into your life.

    This book will help you to understand the unique characteristics of crystals, and how they interact with your energy centers. We really all need  that to work well

    • Thank you very much, I’m really glad that the article has revealed another channel that you can explore. Yes, crystals are amazing and this book is very helpful for navigating the terrain. Blessings in abundance to you

  2. I never knew about Crystal bliss or about how they can really be a good impact on our lives. Really I am happy to see that you reviewed this book by a great personality. I think this is something that I really need especially because we are in a moment when we are all discouraged to do things and the bliss we used to feel in our lives is deeming every day. Hopefully this will help.

    • Hi Reiley, I’m glad you find it interesting. The author shares her knowledge about crystals in a very easy and joyful way. In times like these, we can use crystals to stay calm and stay blissful. I wish you and your family the very best, blessings in abundance.


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