Aura Colours And Their Meaning-What Do They Say About You?

The aura- a debated pseudoscience which has been the subject of study in modern history and has been depicted in every religion in one form or another, within almost every culture, country and continent in the world.

Join Me as I dive into the various aura colours and their meaning.

What Is The Aura?

The aura is a coloured human energy field which emanates from it’s human host.

The vibrational frequency of the human host determines the colour, size and type of aura which one emits. 

Perspectives About The Aura

Today, as we find ourselves distracted by modern technology, daily struggles, and the mind- numbing dross of mainstream media, it appears that the world population has begun to split its own stomach.

Aura Colours And Their Meaning-Age Of Aquarius

With one half truly entering the age of Aquarius- where spirituality meets the modern world;

electricity, computers, flight, democracy, freedom, humanitarianism, idealism, modernization, astrology, nervous disorders, rebellion, nonconformity, philanthropy, veracity, perseverance, humanity, and irresolution- all of which are entirely applicable today.

And yet, there is the other half who believe that the very subject of spirituality, aura, chakras, and anything of the sort are nothing but happy hippy stories with no credible scientific evidence. 

The Millenials

There is no doubt that the millennial generation are by far, the most alert and intelligent to have been born into existence.

The offspring of those born in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s will undoubtedly solve problems formerly unsolved and will develop solutions of which will serve humanity for years to come. 

The Spiritual and Scientific Connection

However, worryingly, we are also witnessing that spirituality- which is an essential part of being human (whether we realise it or not)- is being separated from fact and science.

Removing this human quality, or disregarding it as superstition, leaves one vulnerable to unbalances which are labelled and silenced with medication,

with the core of the unbalance remaining unsolved, thus, disrupting the very equilibrium of the individual. 

The Science

Aura Colours And Their Meaning-Atoms

The law of nature states that everything has a vibration. Basic chemistry confirms that everything is made up of those teeny tiny particles we call atoms.

All atoms are in a constant state of motion, and depending on the speed of these atoms, things appear as a solid, liquid, or gas. 

Sound is also a vibration and so are thoughts. 

We also know through science, that vibration produces energy, and as energy cannot be destroyed, it is either retained, radiated, multiplied or emanated. 

Where previously, the ability to see aura was rubbished by the medical and scientific community, it has now become widely accepted that those who can see auras have what is known as synaesthesia- a cross-sensory condition which evokes colour.

It is a neurological trait or condition that results in a joining or merging of senses that aren’t normally connected.

The stimulation of one sense causes an involuntary reaction in one or more of the other senses.

Thus, this condition (or ability) does indeed exist, and those who see auras are simply witnessing the biofield surrounding the human body which is a result of vibrating atoms producing energy as mentioned above. 

The Spirit

Aura Colours And Their Meaning-Chakras

The core of our spiritual energy lays within that which is known as our Chakras. 

The Chakra refers to the energy centres in your body.

These wheels or disks of spinning energy each correspond to certain nerve bundles and major organs.

The overall state of our chakras affects our biosystem and is then reflected in the aura. This is why the state of one’s health can be seen in the aura.

Aura Colours And Their Meaning-Aura

The Colours of the aura


Tightly bound to the root chakra, this passionate, adventurous individual is well connected to the physical body and enjoys indulging in the tangible world around us.

Unapologetic and unafraid, those with a red aura tend to have a driven need to engage in adrenaline-inducing activities. A darker/murky shade is often an indication of anger, trauma or exhaustion.


In correlation with the heart chakra, the pink aura vibrates on a similar (but not identical) frequency as green, except in feminine form.

Romantic, gentle and loving, those with a pink aura have a natural ability to provide comfort and reassurance to those around them. They are deeply sensitive, creative and nurturing towards both people and animals.

Magenta/Deep Pink

Falling between the spectrum of red and blue, those possessing this rich aura will have both qualities of the physical world as well as a heightened intuition.

Highly creative and unique, magentas are not afraid to walk the solo path in order to maintain their integrity. Somewhat eccentric, strong-willed, but unfortunately, often, misunderstood. 


Aura Colours And Their Meaning-Happiness

Strongly connected to the sacral chakra, they have a natural ability to create and maintain relationships. Fiercely loyal, friendships are of high importance to these individuals.

They find joy and happiness in all areas of life- whether social, family, work, money or love. They are thrill-seekers- a positive trait if channelled correctly.

Those with an orange aura must be mindful to maintain a high vibration as they are susceptible to addiction or causing unnecessary distress in their relationships


Connected to the solar plexus, the yellow aura is one which is very much aware of their personal power and they possess great confidence.

They have high levels of energy and enjoy motivating and guiding others. Analytical, generous, and approachable, they tend to attract attention from others.

However, yellows must also keep their vibrations high or they risk becoming egocentric and over-confident, which can negatively affect their relationships.


Analytical, methodical and cautious. These individuals thrive on strategy and schedule. Reliable and trustworthy- however, they do enjoy doing things in their own time and at their own pace.

They are rather private and prefer to keep their feelings to themselves, but they certainly think outside the box and are unafraid of studying and learning three-dimensional realities. 


In correlation with the heart chakra, these people are the very centre of personal growth and nurturing, with a natural trait of unconditional love. They are the healers.

They possess a powerful life force which can be felt by all those who come into contact with them, and people will often feel a sensation of peace and calm in the presence of those with a green aura.

Aura Colours And Their Meaning-Balance

They feel a sense of responsibility towards others.

They are super creative, loyal, and the most balanced of all the colour spectrums with an ability to divide attention equally for both self-development and the development of those they love.

And they’re here with a purpose. Those with a green aura are the very bridge which connects the physical realm and the spiritual.


This is the colour of the throat chakra. Vocal and articulate, they are the rulers of communication and self-expression. They are unafraid of truth and even more unafraid of making their truth known.

Intuitive, honest and intelligent, these people make great educators. They value relationships and at a high vibration, radiate positivity and peace. 


These people are truly the most serene and compassionate of all. They’re dynamic, energetic, and falling between the spectrum of green and blue, they are also healers and thrive on providing help and inspiration to others.

Talented multi-taskers, emphatic and great communicators, they are the perfect middle-man for smoothing out a negative situation. 


The colour of the third eye chakra, this relates to a strong sense of spirituality and a deep knowledge of inner self.

They possess the second-highest vibrational frequency of the spectrum and tend to have intuitive gifts.

People with indigo auras are hyper-sensitive to the energy emitted by others and are in tune with everything around them. They tend to know things before they happen and operate with depth rather than logic.

They trust their intuition and can easily differentiate between reality and illusion.

They are well connected with nature, with a broad understanding of the vastness of the universe. They encourage people to see the beauty in things rather than negative aspects. 


Aura Colours And Their Meaning-Inspire

Connected to the crown chakra, these individuals have powerful personalities, charisma, boundless love, empathy and a high level of consciousness. 

They feel it is their responsibility to inspire mankind in a way that will lead others to true happiness, prosperity and truth. They have vast knowledge and intuition and can easily sense the vibration of others.

They crave connection and tend to present themselves transparently in order to encourage the sharing of others. They see the unseen forms of life and energy and possess the ability to manifest their visions into the physical world.


This aura is extremely rare and is possessed by those who have transcended the realms of the physical world. They are free from personal hang-ups and health issues.

They are spiritually motivated, open and receptive to the universe. They are entirely unconcerned with material and worldly matters and seek only purity and truth. Positive, uplifting and honest, there is only a handful of these people on the earth.

Final Thoughts

It is not common nor a necessity for an aura to be visible. Instinct will tell us all we need to know about our aura, which will, in turn, inform us of the state of our chakras.

What is important is the ability to listen to oneself and remain connected- not only to the world and people that surround us, but also to ourselves.

We acknowledge that the animal kingdom relies on instinctive rituals for survival. 

Humans are at the very top of the hierarchy in terms of life form on the planet, we cannot possibly imagine the importance of paying attention to our own instincts.

We make references such as “gut feeling” and “the voice within”. It would be a mistake to bypass these signs, which are generated from within and subsequently sends necessary signals to our minds. 

As with everything, the aura will change, evolve and radiate according to our personal emotional and spiritual circumstance. However, it is the latter which will ultimately be our guide.

It would serve us well to pay attention to this.

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