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Asana Yoga Poses-3 Reasons To Practice Yoga Asanas

Have you considered doing yoga asanas/poses, or began but then gave up?

In this article I’ll share three reasons to regularly practice asana yoga poses.

Yoga is the steady control of the mind, and the senses. It helps us to view all aspects of life evenly.

Even though there are eight limbs/stages of yoga.

 I’ll mainly be focusing of the asanas/postures, and how the impact us.

Here are three three reasons why you should practice asanas regularly.

1. Yoga asanas helps to discipline the body and mind

Asana Yoga Poses-Yoga Discipline

Discipline of the body, translates to discipline of the mind.

Yoga is one of the best ways to train and discipline both body and mind.

I’ve realized this fact in my experience with practicing yoga asanas

Whenever we practice yoga asanas. The focus and commitment that goes into each asana/pose directly contributes to discipline and focus on a mental and spiritual level

Yoga helps to still the restless mind, and intellect. Leading to a more fulfilling life.

As we are able to remain balanced regardless of the challenges we may face.

2. Yoga asanas helps to deepen spiritual practice

Asana Yoga Poses-Spiritual Practice

The regular practice of asanas helps us to overcome the limitations of the body. Making it a fine-tuned vessel for our spirit to dwell in.

Asanas also enhance the meditative experience in a powerful way.

When we are healthy and physically strong. Then it’s easier to maintain inner harmony. And a deeper communion with God, and the Universe.

Through equanimity, we are able to selflessly serve others, and act according to our highest good.

3. Yoga asanas revitalize the body 

Asana Yoga Poses-Revitalizing

Asanas are postures that use the limbs of the body to provide the necessary weights and counter-weights, to strengthen the body.

The various asanas stimulate the different organs and subtle energies of the body.

keeping the body free from disease. While soothing the nerves, and developing agility and endurance.

With the regular practice of asanas, we become liberated from various physical disabilities.

Tips to guide you along the way

Here are some tips for practicing asanas:

  • Asanas are best done on an empty stomach. It’s best to allow at least four hours to pass after heavy meals, before practicing asanas.
  • Before doing asanas, especially advanced ones. The bladder and bowels should be emptied.
  • The two most suitable times to practice asanas are; early morning and late evening. The early morning session is suitable for difficult asanas, and the evening is more suitable for practicing stimulative asanas.
  • Asanas should be done in a clean place, with even flooring, and preferably on a mat.
  • Try not to practice asanas after being in the sun for several hours.

As stated in Light on Yoga “Practicing asanas without the backing of Yama and Niyama, is mere acrobatics.”

Yama is the first of the eight stages of yoga, which addresses universal moral commandments.

Niyama is the second stage which addresses self purification by discipline.

Both Yama and Niyama control our passion and emotion. They help us to live in harmony with others.

Asanas keep the body strong and healthy, and allows us to maintain inner balance. 


Practicing asanas regularly is an excellent way to strengthen the body, and prevent diseases. It’s also beneficial for balancing the mind and enriching our spiritual journey.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the content.  Please leave your comments, questions, or suggestions below.

Have an awesome day.

6 thoughts on “Asana Yoga Poses-3 Reasons To Practice Yoga Asanas”

  1. Hi Mikhail,

    I have heard there are so many benefits for our mind and body if we can do yoga regularly, and your article also share the same thinking. I might need to take a class of yoga in our neighborhood soon.

    Will you recommend that we start practicing yoga with YouTube videos? Like breathing and meditation(easy ones), then go for the real class for the advanced? It will be nice that you could share more ideas, thanks.


    • Hi Matt, it’s a blessing to be able to share with you. Yoga has so many benefits for our mind and body. Especially when done consistently. I think it’s great that you’re considering going to a yoga class. It’s always good to have in-person guidance.

      You can definitely get started with YouTube videos, in fact, that’s how I got started. I started out watching a channel called “Yoga with Adrienne”.

  2. Hi and thanks for this clear presentation. I have been practicing a simple sequence of asanas first thing in the morning for many years now. There is one thing I am not so sure of in the description. To begin with you say there are eight limbs of yoga but then you go on to talk about eight stages of yoga. It would seem likely there is a clear distinction between the two. Limbs are things that we have a number of and can operate simultaneously in coordination with each other. Whereas stages give a clearer sense of a necessary sequence. Frankly I think this is an example of translation from Sanskrit, which is a language finely tuned to the subtlest of distinctions of refined layers and levels of consciousness, into English which has less vocabulary for such areas. Also, reading Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras I don’t get the sense that there is a necessary sequence to the practices. Thanks for listening. Best regards, Andy

    • Hi Andy, thank you very much for sharing your observation, and opinion. What I meant to say is that there are eight aspects of yoga that complement each other, not separate from each other. Thanks again for your observation and sharing your experience on the subject. Blessings to you.

  3. Hello Mikhail, I also started to practice yoga and have read many articles about it but today I learned something new from your article. Could you please explain why one should not practice asanas after being in the sun for several hours? How long should one hold one asana before changing to the next?

    • Hi Renata, I’m glad you were able to learn something new about yoga from my article. To answer your questions; Based on my understanding, one shouldn’t practice yoga immediately after being in the sun for several hours because the blood flow is stronger whenever the body is hot. As an example, if one gets a cut after being in the sun for a long time, then there will be more loss of blood than when the body is much cooler.

      So if you practice after being in the sun for long you may put excess stress on the system. This may also be a problem especially if one struggles with high blood pressure.

      As it relates to how long one should hold an asana. You can hold a pose for thirty seconds to a minute. If it’s an asana that has to be done on both sides then try to keep it for the same time. One of the main things to be aware of while practicing asanas is the breath. Try to breathe during asanas, unless the posture calls for retention.

      I hope this helps, have a spectacular day.

      Blessings and Gratitude


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